What To Do When It Is Time To Remodel

Many homeowners will make the decision to remodel certain rooms in the house. Sometimes this happens because residents feel it is time for a change. Others may choose a certain remodeling project for the purpose of increasing property value. Certain types of renovations have a larger positive impact on property value and are especially worthy of consideration if the homeowner has plans to sell the house in the near future.

The installation of energy efficient windows is a project that will pay off either way. Even if the homeowner is planning to live in the house for many years to come, this renovation will lower the costs associated with heating and cooling the structure. In many cases, consumers can receive tax credits, rebates, and discounts from government agencies or local utility companies if the windows installed are Energy Star-rated products.

Adding a deck is a great way to add usable square footage to any home. With a deck, families can make better use of any available outdoor space. An outdoor deck offers a comfortable place to dine, entertain guests, and relax before or after a long day at work. Installing a cover increases the versatility because it shades the hot sun and provides shelter from the rain.

Homeowners with just one bathroom can count on recouping the investment of adding a second one. Eighteen square feet of unused space is all it takes to install a half-bath. The space may be underneath the stairs or in a closet. Total cost will vary according to the type of fixtures the consumer chooses and whether or not the project includes replacing the cabinets, sinks, toilet, and tub or shower stall.

Finishing a basement or attic space is often a worthwhile project. Attics are ideal spaces for spare bedrooms, home offices, hobby shops, and play rooms. Many people use a basement to set up a game room or home theater.

Installing insulation is an improvement that may not have aesthetic value but it will have an impact on energy consumption by the home’s heating and cooling system. Many homes, especially older ones have leaks around the windows, doors, light switches, and electrical sockets. Checking the house for leaks and adding insulation or caulk where they are needed will have an immediate impact on energy usage.

Homeowners should also be aware of the improvement projects that fail to increase property value. Installing an in-ground pool may seem like a great idea but homes with pools can be difficult to sell because some people with small children may not want a pool because of the risk of an accident. Pools are also expensive to maintain and operate. Other projects to avoid include installing gourmet kitchens, sunrooms, whirlpool baths, and expensive landscaping elements.

Homeowners should do their research before making the decision to remodel a home. Selecting the right project can make the structure worth more when it comes time to sell. If a sale is not eminent, consumers can focus more on personal style and preference when choosing remodeling projects.

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