Remodel Tips for a Bachelor

A bachelor’s pad doesn’t have to be messy and unstructured like most people think it would be. If you’re thinking of an overall remodel project, there are things that you need to think about before you start messing around with the fixtures and other furniture.

You might decide to talk to a contractor immediately, but always remember that remodel projects require planning. This might take a lot of time. Imagine remodeling your house that might not be suitable for having lots of visitors, including your friends and family.

Designing on a Budget

If you’re on a tight budget, you can still have your house remodeled by eliminating designs that aren’t versatile to the changing interior design trends. Go for simple and easy to implement designs that you can change without spending a lot on materials. If you need more space, try to get space-saving furniture and stackable appliances. There are available furnishings nowadays with storage features that you can use in places where you need more space.

Another advantage of choosing simple designs is efficiency and comfort. When you choose between a shower curtain with designer liners and hooks and something that you can easily remove from the shower rod, always remember that simple fixtures make everything easy for you. Shower curtains that you can hang on a rod are easier to install and clean. This is the best choice if you’re a bachelor who’s always on a rough schedule.

Cleaning up the Clutter

When you plan for your house remodel, the first thing you need to think about is cleaning up the clutter. What are the things that you want and unnecessary clutter that you don’t use or need? If you’re not the person who likes to cook a lot, buying a professional range just for aesthetic reasons is a waste of time and money. On the other hand, having your kitchen remodeled is great if you’re the guy who considers cooking as a hobby.

For bachelors who don’t like the idea of cleaning or making the house tidy, removing or replacing things that attract dirt is the best thing to do. Ornate furniture and silk drapes, for example, attract dust easily. Here are some of the things at home that attract dust easily:

  • Heavy and silk drapes
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Wall carpet
  • Knickknacks
  • Doormats
  • Furnace and air-conditioning filters

Instead of using heavy or silk drapes, you can use metal, wood, or plastic blinds. These things can be easily cleaned with the use of an electrostatic duster or microfiber cloth. Unless you have someone to do the housekeeping, it’s a great idea to remove the things that will make cleaning the house more difficult.

Doing it Yourself and Hiring a Contractor

Being able to finish a project by yourself is definitely better than having someone do it for you. Aside from the satisfaction you get from DIY projects, you’ll be able to save money too. As much as you want to do the remodeling by yourself, you need to know whether you can finish everything or not. Do you have the time, skills, and the right tools to do it? If you think you can’t do anything right (perhaps you don’t like following instructions), better hire a professional to do the remodel project.

It may sound easy, but hiring a contractor is a task that you have to take seriously. If you’re on a tight budget, make sure that the cost of the project is included in the contract. Get estimates from different contractors, and hire someone who will get the job done properly, and on schedule. Get recommendations from your family or friends. If you lack of ideas for your bachelor pad, you might get a lot from them.

The Ultimate Dorm Room

The ultimate dorm room is a must for bachelors who like to have their friends come over their pads. This room in the house include what every guy needs to have fun – large TV screens, a mini bar, and of course,  the pool table. Well, you can always come up with other dorm room ideas that suit you and your friends. If the girl you invited to visit got suffocated with the “overly manly” atmosphere of your house, try to add some slick and sexy designs for a change.

Empty rooms only need some piece of artwork to blend in. You can also improve the lighting fixture of the rooms to liven them up. Stay away from too much or too little elements for your design ideas. Sofas, for example, don’t have to be too stylish. Choose something that will make you and your visitors feel comfortable.

Here are some of the artwork ideas that you can put up in empty walls:

  • Vintage posters that say something about your hobbies and passion
  • Tourist destinations – places you’ve visited before
  • Film posters
  • Memorable sports events
  • The map of your beloved hometown

Blue is originally intended for women to love. On the other hand, this color is definitely the most popular color for men, when it comes to apparel and equipments. For paintjobs, however, covering your house in cobalt isn’t an ideal choice. Instead, go for room accents colored in blue, and get walls colored in lighter shades of gray or brown.

The Bachelor Bedroom

While other rooms in the house have a lighter tone, it’s a different story when it comes to your bachelor bedroom. Since this is what you consider as your lair, you can definitely disregard remodeling rules. Of course, it’s really better to relax in a place that’s organized so keep in mind how to remove unnecessary clutter in your remodel project.

If you want the “overly manly” room, you can have walls painted in dark gray or blue, and get fixtures in solid tones too. The use of contrasting colors is a great way to balance the atmosphere in the bedroom, but make sure that the darker colors dominate the room. As for lighting fixtures, have them warm like the ones emitted by incandescent light bulbs.

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