Portland Remodel Contractor Can Fix Up A House You Plan To Sell

If you want to improve your home’s resale value, you can consider renovating it before putting it on the market. There are some areas of the house that can significantly increase your properties real estate value such as remodeling the kitchen and bathroom. You might want to consider asking a Portland remodel contractor about your options.

It is important to focus your efforts on specific areas of the house if you only have a limited budget. It is also unwise to do too many personalized changes to your home if you intend to sell it soon. The next owner might have their own ideas in mind and making your home have too much character can be a disadvantage when it is time to sell.

When making changes to a house that you intend to sell, keep your changes down to the minimum. For example, if you would love to have a red accent wall in your kitchen against a predominantly white room, do reconsider this choice because your buyer might rather have a blank canvas to work with. When repainting, keep thing simple by using neutral, common but tasteful paint colors.

Make some quick fixes in areas that need repairs. If your home is old and has hardwood flooring, don’t even think about replacing them with cheap processed floor boards or carpeting. Have a good contractor refurbish your hardwood floor planks to make them look like new. They can be sanded, re-varnished, waxed and polished. This kind of floor will surely raise the price of your home.

If you have carpeted floors, consider having them re-carpeted with a neutral color such as beige or off-white. If your carpeting is still fairly new, have a professional carpet cleaner come over to give it a thorough cleaning, shampoo and vacuuming. If you have concrete floors underneath old carpet, have the carpeting removed and get the cement surface stained to look like marble or granite.

When buyers come over to inspect your home, they will look around and check signs for damage. Expect them to look up to see if your ceilings bear water damage from leaks. It would be a good idea to fix any leaks from the roof or second floor bathrooms and then have stained and water damaged ceilings replaced. Have all the walls and ceilings painted.

Renovate the kitchen but do not spend too much on it if you live in a middle-class or lower-priced neighborhood. Putting in expensive high end kitchen appliances and fittings in a low priced neighborhood will not get you a better price for the house. Installing low end kitchen fixtures will also turn off buyers in an upscale neighborhood.

Have your bathroom fixtures refurbished too or replace them if they are too old. You can get rid of stains on the tub and toilet removed by applying a fresh coat of enamel without buying brand new fittings. You can also have the tiles restored or install new one on top of the old ones for a quick fix.

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