Improve Property Value With The Help Of A Portland Kitchen Remodel Company

Kitchens are prime targets for homeowners who want to renovate a home because quality work will improve efficiency and increase property value. Depending on budget size and how much time is available for the project, homeowners can select from a variety of improvements that may include replacing the cabinets, purchasing new appliances, installing new counter tops, adding lighting, or laying down a new floor. The bigger the job, the more help an experienced Portland kitchen remodel company can offer.

Writing down ideas for improvements and making sketches of the floor plan are helpful when preparing for any renovation. This saves time and money when it is time to install new fixtures. It is crucial to set a budget and stick to it. It is easy for home improvement projects to get out of hand due to poor planning and end up costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars more than the homeowner intended to spend.

Consider foot traffic when installing an island or purchasing new appliances. The minimum width for a path through the kitchen should be 36 inches. Expand that number to 42 inches when setting a path in the cooking area. To set a room up for two cooks to work comfortably, expand the width an additional six inches.

When designing storage space, thinking about where various items are used will eliminate wasted steps. Dedicate a cabinet and drawer near the dishwasher for eating utensils, plates, and bowls. This will make unloading the dishwasher quicker and easier. Store glasses in a cabinet next to the refrigerator and coffee mugs close to the coffee maker.

Make sure the microwave oven is in a location that is easy for occupants to reach. For most adults, 15 inches above the counter is a suitable spot. For a household with children, a safer place to mount the microwave is below the counter.

Island designs may accommodate dining, food preparation, or both. For food preparation, the surface should be at the same height as the counter tops. If the island will be used for multiple purposes, the best design is two tiers, with a taller counter to accommodate bar stools. This keeps the food preparation area separate from the dining surface.

It is important to plan enough open counter space next to major appliances. Experts recommend planning in at least 15 inches of space on either side of the refrigerator, oven, and microwave. This gives users plenty of room to work when preparing food.

Consider the number of appliances used on a regular basis when determining how many electrical outlets to install. Major appliances should have their own dedicated outlet. Additional outlets should be available along the backsplash and on an island.

A professional contractor can help homeowners with the design and installation when it is time to renovate the kitchen. These individuals have the experience and tools they need to complete the project accurately and on time. They can save consumers time, money, and frustration because they are familiar with local building codes and can take care of securing the necessary building permits.

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