How A Portland Remodel Company Can Help With A Bathroom Renovation

Unlike some home improvement projects, renovating a bathroom is something that real estate professionals agree is almost guaranteed to improve property value. Homeowners can recoup most of the cost of the renovation when it is time to sell the house. This is true whether the project involves updating an existing bathroom or transforming unused space into a second bathroom. Hiring a local Portland remodel company is the most effective way to achieve any renovation goals.

Setting a realistic budget will help set the priorities when designing a new bathroom. Installing all new plumbing fixtures, flooring, wall coverings and cabinets can require a substantial financial investment. Experts stress the importance of using quality materials and hiring the best contractors. Because the bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in the home, purchasing the cheapest materials and hiring the cheapest labor is unwise.

Padding the budget by approximately 20 percent is a good idea because some problems may come up after work has begun. Small water leaks may have caused damage that goes unnoticed until wall coverings or flooring is removed. Any structural components that have water damage or are moldy will require repair or replacement before the project can proceed.

An experienced contractor will have all the specialized tools necessary to complete the project. Many contractors have working relationships with material suppliers. This allows them to receive the best prices. When selecting materials for a bathroom renovation, homeowners should consider durability and maintenance requirements. Natural stone is aesthetically pleasing but can be difficult to clean and is susceptible to damage because it is fragile. Ceramic tile has a high level of durability and requires minimal maintenance to retain its appearance.

Homeowners who are remodeling with the intent to improve property value for resale should design accordingly. Selecting features and materials that are traditional is the way to go. Attempting to incorporate the latest trend is risky because if the design is quickly outdated, it will hurt the resale value of the home.

Consumers can choose from a variety of sink styles depending on space available, budget size, and personal preference. A drop-in sink fits into a hole in the countertop and is flush against the surface while an under-mount design fits underneath the counter surface. A one-piece sink often rests on top of a porcelain pedestal.

A wall-mounted sink is the best choice for a bathroom with limited space. Most require the water supply lines to be hidden inside the wall. This can drive up the cost because the installation process is more involved than it is with other designs. Vessel sinks mount on top of the counter and often come complete with a faucet system eliminating the need to purchase fixtures separately.

A reputable Portland remodel company can provide the personnel, equipment, and resources needed to update any bathroom or install a new one in a space currently used for another purpose. Homeowners should ask for references and any photos the contractor has of previous work. Friends, family members, neighbors, and business associates can offer personal references if they have had similar work done in their homes.

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